What is your shipping, refund, and cancellation policy?

Orders placed via the link on our website are fulfilled by a third party. They strive for the highest possible customer experience, but since their fulfillment is handled exclusively by Amazon.com, we encourage you to contact Amazon Customer Service with any problem or issues at 1-866-216-1072. Please provide your order number and Amazon can issue cancellations, refunds, returns or exchanges. If Amazon is unable to offer you 100% satisfaction, please contact our third party processor using the contact information in your order details and they will ensure your total and complete satisfaction.

The date on my candy shows that it is expired.

Numerical dates on our candy are written in the European format, meaning that the day of the month is listed prior to the month. For example August 25, 2020 would appear as 25-08-2020 in the European format rather than 08-25-2020 that is more common with US manufacturers.

My Vegobear label says “Contains: Wheat” but I don’t see wheat listed as an ingredient.

Wheat is not an ingredient in Vegobears because is not included in the recipe, but it is used in the starch on the tray used to mold the candy to prevent it from sticking to the mold. The starch used is technically gluten free since it tests at a level of gluten lower than 20ppm.